Adrenaline Park

Adrenaline park Tršće is a polygon of dexterity and strength in the air, an attractive climbing-walking "tree path". It is 300 meters long and 2 to 10 meters high. There are 13 rest areas (platforms). They are interconnected by seven different bridges. There are also three "zip lines". Every user is well insured and nothing can happen to him. The feeling is full of adrenaline. Anyone taller than 140 cm can walk the trail, even those who have at least a little strength and courage. The park is located at an altitude of 860 meters and is currently the highest in Croatia. It offers a beautiful view of the mountains Risnjak, Snježnik and Slovenski Snežnik.
Contact: Alen Leš,

Telephone: +385 95 5774455
The price of using the park is 13 € / person.

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